Inspiration: Model Call

3 Minutes With
Joan Smalls

We sat down with spokesmodel Joan Smalls to find out her
favorite foods, hidden secrets, and the products she’d need with
her if stranded on a desert island.

Models have an uncanny ability to morph into any identity. Take Joan Smalls for example: We’ve seen her glammed up for the Met Gala, working the runway for any number of high-fashion designers, and in our own campaigns as the girl with the gorgeous skin who you want to be. But rarely do we get to see the person behind the persona and learn about her family, her favorite places on earth, or whether or not she’s a fan of scary movies. Here, with a little help from our global pro makeup artist Victor Henao, we get to see a whole new side of Joan. And trust us when we say it’s only going to make you want to see her even more.

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